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Akai has been among the leading names in consumer electronics to emerge from Japan, which was setup in 1929 in Tokyo. The Akai mission is to enhance the enjoyment of life through advanced technology. Akai has forayed into newer areas like home appliances and strives to maintain the high standards expected of the world class brand. With a product range that is constantly widening, Akai continues to make inroads in the marketplace while also entrenching itself in customers' daily lives. Akai has a full range of Air Conditioners which caters to a huge export market. Akai has T1 Compressor Air Conditioners especially for Re-export market. Akai range of products caters to a huge segment of market consisting of Cooking Range, Cookers, Washing Machine, Chillers for Cafeteria & Hotels, Chest Freezers for Cafeteria of all sizes, Refrigerators and a whole range of small domestic appliances such as kettles, toasters, food processors and kitchen machine.

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Akai product range includes Split Air conditioners, Window Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Chest Freezers, Washing Machines, Cooking Range, Small Domestic Appliances like Blenders, Food Processors, Food Machine, Steam Iron, Steam Press, Irons, Water Kettle.


AUX, founded in 1986 is an integrated group committed to modern manufacture as well as modern service, is one of the top 500 enterprises in china. AUX is number 4 manufacturer for AC’s in China. AUX offers Comprehensive Range of Product category in Residential Air conditioners. In year 2014, the business turnover of AUX Group was US$ 9.0 Billion. The company has 20 thousands employees all over the world. AUX has a world class range of Air Conditioners which are highly competitive in the UAE market. AUX Air conditioners are specifically designed for the temperatures in the UAE. AUX air conditioners T3 Compressors with inverter technology is highly energy efficient. With R410 gas & Gold fins, Aux Air Conditioners are designed to last long keeping comfort in mind. 

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AUX have 6 manufacturing bases located in ningbo, Nanchang, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dongguan respectively. Over 20 years of AC manufacturing experience and production bases with more than 12000 workers, the sales for AUX reached 6 million sets in 2014 year.



For many years, Indesit has been welcomed into people's homes. Indesit's efficient products and solutions have made life easier for our consumers. Indesit believes in a modern technology that is able to read consumer's needs, as well as offer efficient solutions for savings of energy, time and resources. That's why Indesit's values are efficiency, reliability and functionality.

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Indesit offers the INNEX range of appliances with Smart Technology - an advanced response to today's demand for greater effectiveness and maximum energy efficiency. Designing simple and smart appliances to create more time for life so consumers can enjoy the things they really love – this is Indesit's philosophy. Indesit, an Italian brand offers a range of world class major domestic appliances like Refrigerators, Chest Freezers, Washing Machines, Cooking Range, dishwasher, dryer, Built in Cooking Range, Built in Hob, Built in Hood, Built in Dishwasher, Built in washing machine, Built in refrigerator, and Built in dishwasher.


"What's a home without a Princess?"

Princess Household Appliances B.V., a Dutch firm specializing in small domestic appliances, was established in 1994. Thanks to its highly distinctive approach, the company has since grown explosively. Princess products are made with a great deal of creativity and inventiveness. Princess has unique range of products which includes Saj Maker, Cotton Candy Maker, Ice Crusher, Ice Cube Maker, Blenders, Grills, Pizza Maker, Chocolate Fountain, Garment Steamers. Princess Garment Steamers are of high quality which is specifically designed for Arabic dresses. The water tank capacity is ample for use it in for daily chores. 


We exist to create human-driven innovations that defy barriers to make a better world for all.

Our story begins in 1969, when Samsung was born with the ambition to help people achieve the impossible. After over 50 years, we're still innovating, creating technology that breaks down old and new barriers, and helping people to do what they can't. We continue to be driven by our purpose, so we put people and what they care about at the center of everything we create.



Westpoint originates from France and headquartered in Boardeaux, is one of the leading market players in household appliance industry in the UAE. Westpoint harness the latest technologies in the field of household appliances which brings joy into one's life. For over more than 3 decades, Westpoint have served the UAE customers with its high quality and "value for money" products.

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Westpoint has Three million satisfied customers over 3 decades. Westpoint has become household name by supplying different product targeting to different consumer needs. It is positioned to serve all segments of society in all major domestic appliances and air-conditioner category. Westpoint product range includes Split air conditioners, Window air conditioners, washing machines, freezers, refrigerators, cooking range, microwave oven, etc. Westpoint has served millions of homes in the UAE for the past 35 years of its existence. Westpoint products are value for money products which are designed for a long lasting pleasure. With new introduction in Cookers and Air Conditioners for the current year, Westpoint is looking to target a huge chunk of UAE customers. Westpoint has a large range of re-export air conditioners with an unmatched quality benefits. Recently, Westpoint added 5 Ton Floor Standing AC with an ergonomic design for the best comfort in the rising temperature of the UAE. The 60,000 Btu capacity Floor Standing Ac is must for large halls and Hotel Ballrooms. 

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